The Story  

When a bank robber's bullet ends the life of police officer Lois Marrero, her wife of thirteen years, Mickie, is honored as her surviving spouse but denied all pension benefits. When Sam, an Oklahoma rancher, loses his beloved husband of 22 years, long-estranged cousins of his late spouse try to lay claim to everything Sam has. As Mickie and Sam's lives are put on trial, they are forced to confront the tragic reality that in the eyes of the law their marriages mean nothing. From an historical trip to the Middle Ages, to gay hippies storming the Manhattan marriage bureau in 1971, Tying the Knot digs deeply into the past and present to uncover the meaning of civil marriage in America today.

Packs a Wallop!
—Max Goldberg, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Wrenching and Skillful
—-Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Four stars!
—David Sterritt, The Christian Science Monitor

Director de Seve does an outstanding job.
—Paul Sherman, Boston Herald

Absorbing and persuasive!
—Ella Taylor, LA Weekly

Heartbreaking, frustrating, inspirational, and finally hopeful.
—Richard Knight, Jr, Windy City Times

Brilliant!  Michael Moore would Cheer!
—Gerald Peary, the Boston Phoenix

Celebrates the heartfelt desire of most people - gay or straight-
to unite completely with another human being.

—David Mermelstein, NY Sun


Festival awards and honors include:

Offical Selection: Tribeca Film Festival, Sao Paolo Intl., Montreal Festival of World Film, Frameline Intl., Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and 75 other film festivals.

WINNER of 11 Film Festival Awards, including 2004 Best Documentary Frameline Film Festival.

Theatrical distribution by Roadside Attractions, LLC.