Crew Profiles
Stephen D. Pelletier, Producer/Editor
Stephen has worn many hats in his career including director, editor, producer and consultant. He is responsible for the production of more than 800 commercials and has overseen the taping of numerous live concerts and events. His clients have included The Democratic Party and Clear Channel Orlando.

Constance Rodgers, Editor
Constance began her career editing commercials and moved to art films: The Beauty Brothers (dir. Bruce Weber); documentaries: Broken Noses, Let's Get Lost, Amish: Not To Be Proud; features: Killer Dead, Igor and the Lunatics; and countless industrials: World Financial Center: Winter Garden and trailers: Lair of the White Worm. Constance cuts on flatbeds and digitally. She teaches American and world cinema and guerrilla moviemaking to urban teens.

Kian Tjong, Producer
Tying the Knot is Kian's first film; he views it as the perfect combination of his passions in human rights activism and filmmaking. Kian received his MBA from the University of Hawaii.

Justin Tan, Co-Producer
Justin writes, directs and produces. He recently co-produced Burma: Anatomy of Terror, and he created and co-produced the biannual Huge Issue, a conference where gay and lesbian filmmakers collaborate in a 1-2-3 production mantra: 1 day to shoot and 2 days to edit a 3- minute piece. Justin is also producing Birds Nest Game: The Story Of Bernard Baran.

Joshua Koffman, Co-Producer
Joshua has been in production in New York for seven years. His projects include PBS/WNET's Nuyoricans: Puerto Ricans in New York, the Food Network's documentary/reality series Top 5, Lifetime's Intimate Portrait series, HBO Family's Middle School Diaries, and the History Channel's History Lost and Found and What Happened After. His latest film is After X, produced by his company Shuttlecock Films. Joshua has a B.A. in Film from Vassar College.

Matt Lavine, Co-Producer
Matt Lavine, an oft-lefty-organizer, makes some money working in reality/info-educational cable television, most recently writing pitches for production companies that specialize in documentary and reality television. Currently at work on some ideas of his own, as well as some of the community-outreach efforts of the doc, Matt is psyched about everything he learned while working on TYING.