The History of Marriage: Changing vows

TYING THE KNOT is a journey through 5,000 years of history with marriage in mind. Didn’t princes and princesses used to live happily ever after? Author EJ Graff corrects some myths and fairy tales that the Extreme Right has been spinning as of late.

For example, did you know:
Marriage has been a constant battleground and has changed many times to reflect the values of society?
Marriage had no religious significance even in the Catholic Church until the Middle Ages?
Protestant churches have split a number of times over issues related to marriage?

Are these quotes from the 2004 Republican National Convention?
“This sort of marriage is not in the best interest of children.”
“God has a plan for marriage and this isn’t it.”
“Allowing this kind of marriage will pave the way for all sorts of moral depravity.”

In fact, these arguments were made about marriage between a man and a woman.
In TYING THE KNOT civil rights attorney Evan Wolfson tells the love story of
Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving, who fought a long battle with the Commonwealth
of Virginia for the right to marry. The year was 1962. Mildred was black and
Richard was white, but their loving lives together were anything but simple.