Spread the Word about Tying the Knot
Phone Tree
Without the multi-million-dollar promotion budgets of Hollywood movies, social issue documentaries like TYING THE KNOT rely on word-of-mouth to get their message out. Would you take a half hour and call or email five people you know and urge them to see the film and to call another 5 people?

If received well TYING THE KNOT will expand to as many as 100 markets nationwide! That means a powerful message of tolerance will potentially reach millions of Americans.

Leglislative House Party
Call your state reps, invite them over. If they canít make it, ask for their Family Issues Liaison or their Gay & Lesbian Community Liaison. Let them meet your family, and show the TTK trailer which briefly but powerfully makes the argument for protecting our gay and lesbian police officers, in these trying times. Marriage can be a confusing issue for politicians, who can be intimidated by Right-Wing rhetoric. Tying the Knot can humanize it for them.